The Roaring Twenties

The smoke rises through the air

And the night is just beginning.

The bartender fills up my mug

The charming young man picks up my tab.

Music floods through the scent of cigars

As the piano man strikes his first chord.

The speakeasy sways with the sound of the dancing


                                                            Then right

            Left again

                        Twirling girls

            Twirling girls

                        Twirling girls

                                    Twirling girls

Their vivid dresses mock cherries, emeralds and ocean tides

            With specks of gold and silver

That charming young man has returned

His dark hair slicked back to show his ice blue eyes. 

He extends his hand and nods to the dance floor

I smirk.

My cigarette holder finds a home on the bar.

Taking his hand we dance.

My dress embodies the night sky that we hide from in this illegal place.

It’s dark colors swish and sway with the beat as my feet tap around his.

The gems surrounding the collar and chest reflect the light perfectly so that all eyes watch Us.

We are the bee’s knees. The cat’s meow.

Our bodies move through the Charleston,

Then the Shimmy,

Then the Bunny Hug.

Dance. Dance. Dance.

The night is ending soon, however.

The sun will rise within a few hours.

The piano man slows his fingers.

The speakeasy empties slowly

The charming young man wraps his jacket around me

We walk to his home under the twinkling starlight

Followed by the sweet cigar smell

The music still ringing in our ears




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