Word Vomit

The words spilled out onto the sidewalk

Like blood gushing from a wound.

A terribly deep cut, right across the mouth.

Word vomit.


Puking up syllables and inappropriate sounds

Left and right.

Just when you think it’s over,

You taste the familiar coarseness that is common with

Regurgitated words.

Words you swallowed long ago

To suppress some sort of


Nervous tension



They taste like week-old meatloaf

With the scent of iron, the bloody kind.

Here it comes again.

You try to stop

But suddenly all that emotion is pouring out onto the

Receiver’s polished shoes.

They’re so damn entitled, aren’t they?

So ignorant.

So infuriating.

So hurtful.

A retort?

You think not.

And here comes the vomit again.

Spewing insults as fast as the words can travel from

The locked box in your heart and the passion can pump them

Up your esophagus and shoot out of your mouth like

A canon.

Boom. Boom.

Boom. Boom. Boom.


They can’t respond.

You’ve filled their mouth with your word vomit.

They turn and walk in a dejected shuffle,

Away from the scene of the crime.

Now full of anger

Self- conscious timidness

And surprise

To go unleash on another soul, deserving or not.

Then the thought floats through your mind,

Your oh-so-relaxed mind,

Maybe they were undeserving…

Just maybe.

Just the thought of it

Calls real vomit to the mouth.

But you chose to ignore.

No responsibility here.

You soon forget.

But they don’t.

They don’t forget.

They unleash.

And the cycle starts again.

Go gag yourself.



Photo Credit: Olga Nydia Galindo, Artist




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