Do You Have the Courage to Live?

Beautiful thought.

Hanne T. Fisker Photography Art

On the Edge III

How to fly
when your wing
is broken?
How to rise
from a hidden wound


What if our existential fear is not that of dying, but that of really living?

It’s known in psychotherapy and psychology that we have an existential fear of dying that is the source of almost everything we do. There might be some truth to this, I don’t know, however throughout the years of coaching, creating, dreaming and wandering, I have encountered what seems as an even deeper and far more unconscious (and surprising too) fear in us; the fear of living. What happens inside you when a dream seems close to come true? Have you ever asked yourself the question with awe and a bit of fear-trembling excitement, when you are in front of something great: can life really be this good and easy? Have you ever caught yourself surprised by with…

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