Ink and Pen and Words

It began

With misplaced, commas,

            Capital Letters Where They Weren’t Needed

Creative descriptive words

But no proofreading.



I forgot that, too.

Critical lens after critical lens.

Words, words, words.

“Use strong words”
I thought they were. Oops.

I need to sound more convincing.

            I need to give more perspective.

                        I need.

I need to write.

Creative. Formal. Classwork. Homework.


            Smile, you’re making it better.

            You’re shaping it.

            It’s your craft, writing, that is.

                        You’ve evolved.

Freshman: not quite.

Sophomore: not strong.

Junior: getting there.

Senior: beautiful.

There’s still so much to learn, though.

The pen never stops teaching.

It teaches lessons,

Simple and extravagant.

Ink teaches skill and forces thought.

It took years to understand why people write,

            Although you’ve always loved to do so yourself.

Working at this craft makes a pool of imagination

            With swirling colors and textures

            Character names and stories, in some cases,

                        a journalistic sense

Continue to work. Not only for a future,

But for love of pen and ink. And stories galore.

It began with misplaced commas and capital letters where they weren’t needed.

But, sometimes, I still forget to proofread.            





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