Live tweeting session!

Today and tomorrow I’ll be live tweeting the Ellicottville Fall Festival in Ellicottville, NY.

For those of you who aren’t from the area and/or don’t know what it is:

Fall Fest/Octoberfest is a really cool weekend in Ellicottville, a cute little town with boutiques and coffee houses that’s in a rural area surrounded by gorgeous mountains and trees that are stunning in Autumn. (Some of my pictures of autumnal trees in my “Photography” tab are from Ellicottville last year!) The town shuts down the main road for one weekend in October and vendors and street merchants set up their booths to sell crafts, hand-made jewelry, interesting vintage stuff and so many other things. At night, it’s a crazy party—no matter how cold it gets.

So basically, I’ll be live tweeting the happenings from the day with #EVLFest from my twitter handle @geezitshannah. You can find my Twitter on the left sidebar of this blog or by searching me on the Twitterverse! Feel free to use the hashtag to contribute if you’ll be at the festival or to reply or ask questions about my tweets and the festival in general.

If you see me there, say hi! I love meeting people!



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