A Series of Awkward Events, Thoughts

Fun little exercise

I normally wouldn’t share these types of posts, but it just looks rather fun to do this one. Perhaps I’ll make this a regular thing when I’m looking for something to warm up my fingers and mind for writing -hrg

Thinking: About organizing how I’m organizing my planner for the coming month/quarter/semester/year. Long-term goals, what I need to be doing daily/weekly/monthly to achieve those goals in the time frame I’ve set.

Enjoying: the gluten-free pizza muffins my mom made for a New Year’s Eve appetizer. There were four left over; now there are three.

Feeling: determined and optimistic. I’m not really into “new year, new me” because I think you can do great things in your life no matter the calendar date. However, I just graduated university in December, and I was accepted into a master’s program and offered the graduate assistantship position, which covers my tuition and gives me an office with the professors. I’ve committed myself to a few good habits in my professional and person life, and everything seems brighter.

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-12-14-05-amWearing: leggings, boot socks, and one of my friend Anthony’s shirts (It has this image to the left on it, so how could I not steal it?)

Needing: I was going to say “Absolutely nothing!” But then I saw that my water bottle was empty, so I need that refilled.

Wanting: Until I’m satisfied with the amount and quality of work I’ve accomplish today, so I can justify going to sleep.

Listening: the band Ghost

Making: this blog post.

Eating: I actually already answered this in “enjoying” because I evidently equate all enjoyment with what I’m eating at the moment.

Drinking: nothing because my water bottle is still empty ):


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