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New year, new focus

Hello dear readers,

First off, thanks for following Sitting in Spilt Ink. I started this blog some time in 2012 with no real focus or goal in mind. There have been times when I don’t post an update for months, yet Sitting in Spilt Ink rarely looses followers. So, thanks for sticking around, and I promise this year will be better.

There are a few things I’m excited to begin work on this year. One (which I’ve already begun) is the Emerging Revolutionary War book series. I’m the managing editor of the series, which is composed of entry-level, 192-page books on battles, people, and important events during the war. I design (and sometimes edit) books for the Emerging Civil War series, so if history is your thing, please check them out. Emerging Civil War will also have a book on Civil War pop culture coming out in 2017 (if I’m not mistaken), in which I’ve written two chapters. But I’ll post that when it comes time.

As for Sitting in Spilt Ink, I’ve got some good plans in store. This blog has been very disconnected from me as a person and author, and I think that’s why I’ve allowed myself to slack so much. I want to connect with my readers, because otherwise, what the hell is the point? I’d just be talking to myself, and I do that enough already. So please, if you see something you like, comment. If you see something you hate, comment that too. Let’s discuss. Let’s learn from one another. I want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

But in order for you to comment, I would need to be regularly posting, and so I vow to do that. Fridays are now Photo Fridays on Sitting in Spilt Ink, and Wednesdays will be Wordy Wednesdays. (I like alliterations; can you tell?) Check back each Sunday for a new quote of the week; Wednesdays for a rad word and its definition; and Fridays for some crazy photo I took. I also plan to begin doing book reviews (of new and old titles) as well as continuing to post “Thoughts,” poetry, and short stories.

Got other ideas? Want something more? Different? Have an idea and want to be a guest blogger on Sitting in Spilt Ink? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Happy 2017.



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