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Sitting in Spilt Ink unveils new manifesto

I’ve been blogging at Sitting in Spilt Ink since I was 16. I’m 23 now. The blog has been dormant for some time now—almost a year. It started as an accident. I was overwhelmed with life and school, and I just didn’t make blogging a priority. But I didn’t have the motivation to blog either; it didn’t feel like there was a purpose behind it.

Excuse the red tongue. I had a sore throat and was eating cough drops.

In the past year, I also had some complicated health issues that made really knocked Sitting in Spilt Ink off my priority list. While dealing with those issues, I was finishing my master’s in integrated marketing communications. I graduated in May, and I was the recipient of the award for excellence in my program. Soon after, I left an spent a month in Denver, Colorado, where I completed a graduate certification program in book publishing from the Denver Publishing Institute.

Me with my Woman of Promise Award (2017) from my B.A. and my Outstanding Achievement in IMC award (2018) from my M.A.

After the program, I returned home to Buffalo, New York, and accepted a partnership position at Buffalo Heritage Press as the director of marketing and publicity for the publishing house. At Buffalo Heritage Press, I manage the marketing for the business as a whole, the imprints (Buffalo Heritage Press, our Buffalo and Western New York books; Criss Cross Applesauce, our children’s imprint; and New Idea Press, an older imprint undergoing a evaluation/revamp), and our individual titles.

With the experience I’ve had—in both my personal and professional life—I realized that I wasn’t committed to putting content out on Sitting in Spilt Ink because there wasn’t a mission I could stand behind. I took the time in my hiatus to take a step back, refocus and really take a macro view to life as we all experience—especially now in this particularly volatile time.

Sitting in Spilt Ink was always a creative outlet for my poetry, photography and occasionally short stories and other works, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far. But I’ve altered the manifesto, and I hope you’ll like that even more.

Along with the manifesto, I’ll be writing more about my publishing adventures—so I hope all you book nerds out there are interested. Word Wednesday and Photo Friday will be returning in full force. And of course, I’ll be posting my own writing as it comes as well.

The Sitting in Spilt Ink manifesto now reads:

Ink is black and sticky. Spilt ink is messy. It stains. It lingers and reminds us of that time we spilled the tube over—or someone spilled it over onto our laps and, unexpectedly, we were sitting in spilt ink.

We all have spilt ink in our lives. But it’s not the ink that matters; it is what we do with it. What magic we create and what wonders we bring into the world, especially in a volatile time when so much ink is being spilled. We can sit in the mess or just wipe it away—or we can create something beautiful from it. Don’t just sit in spilt ink, create something from it.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

And remember, don’t just sit in spilt ink, create something from it.



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