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Hey guys! I’m a contributing writer for USA Today and participated in their video contest, answering the question “What does #BlackLivesMatter look like on your campus?” Check it out by clicking the link above! If you like it, please hit the share buttons under the video and help me win the contest!



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Power of poetry

Button Poetry is one of my favorite YouTube channels. Each video enlightens the audience and serves as a driving force for strong voices where society refuses to recognize power exists.

So far, #67 in this playlist is my favorite.

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Behind Bars Photo Series

Hey there!

So I’m going to be doing a photo series of animals from the Berlin zoo that are all behind bars. I don’t necessarily love zoos because I know that a lot of animal mistreatment can happen (not necessarily in the Berlin zoo, but in many zoos and especially circuses), and I believe that most of these animals belong in the wild.

Each photo will just be named “Behind Bars” with a  roman numeral next to it to indicate the number photo I’m on.

The series starts today!