TUESDAY TUNEDAY: blink-182 – “After Midnight”

This is my friend and fellow blogger Bev. He’s a total sweetheart and does wonderful covers every Tuesday for “Tuesday Tuneday.” Check out his blog! This cover is one my all-time favorite bands and a song I’ve had stuck in my head for a few days.

No Hands

Hey, friends. So it’s Tuesday Tuneday, and I’ve played yet another tune for you. After looking at the title, you might be saying to yourself, “Gee, this kid covers a lot of blink-182 and blink-182 related music.” Well, that’s true. I can’t argue with that. But, I can say that blink-182 is my favorite band of all time, so I’m allowed to cover them as much as I damn please.

On a semi-related note, Angels & Airwaves is set to release their new album on Halloween. So, you know….THAT’S EFFING AWESOME!!

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