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Yesterday I got bored

Yesterday I got bored during a meeting, so I wrote a children’s book manuscript.

Shouldn’t I have been paying attention to the meeting? Well, yes, and in a way I was. But my business partner had it handled, and she has a tendency to talk a lot anyway, so I just let her go. And I wrote a children’s book manuscript.

It wasn’t anything fancy, and it was done in a few hours–if that. It was inspired by a thought the night before that reminded me of my childhood.

Perhaps you’ll read it someday. But right now, I’m busy publishing other people’s children’s books. And what a wonderful task that is.


Check out some of the books I’m working with right now:

Tillie is a memoir, written in a diary-like fashion by Tillie’s son, Mark Goldman, a Buffalo historian. It may seem like your average memoir, but Tillie tells the story of New York City during a unique and vibrant era–from the perspective of a Jewish girl, no less. This launches on Mother’s Day, but is available for pre-sale, and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks!