Going away should be easy
After all, I don’t care much about anyone else.
I’ll have the time of my life
And blow all my money
And when I’m good and done,
I’ll come home and he’ll be waiting
for Me. because he loves Me.
Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.
Except when I go out, He never
leaves my thoughts and
When I lay in bed, on the verge of tears,
It’s because I miss his touch.
And when my friends speak to me
and interrupt my thoughts of him, I get
angry and defensive,
As if they knew he was occupying every speck of brain power
I held.
They didn’t know.
How could they?
Young fools who know nothing of true love.
I can’t hold it against them, though.
I knew nothing not to long ago.
And then He kissed me, and my days
of ignorant bliss and selfishness were over.
All I’ve wanted since that first kiss was his lips on mine. Forever.
But that sensation is still 80 days away.
And my heart continues to ache.


Flowers, Chocolate and Material Things

In my mind I am lost

Without you by my side

For one night, cares are tossed

As we go for a ride


Start the car, take it slow

Hold my hand, don’t let go

Music plays, smiles beam

Sing along, the stars gleam


How I love being here

Spending time, just us two

We’re best friends but I fear

I am falling for you


Every year, I’m alone

So let this be my gift:

Spending time as best friends

And a Valentine’s kiss.