flower blooming into darkness

Keep the car running, I’m cold

His fingers dance in her outstretched palm
Each one, a kiss on her skin

They sit in comfortable silence
Not sure what to say but not yet ready to leave

She smiles. He wonders what that means.
Her fingers dance on his outstretched palm



It was all very ordinary. 
We’re all just breathing in and out if time with each other hoping that someday someone takes our breath away.

He was certain he would fall asleep next to many beautiful girls time and time again, but he was also certain that they wouldn’t be her

He told her he missed her. Her heart was preoccupied missing the place she hadn’t left yet.

Smother me.

Smother me in your love,
Leave traces of your scent behind
So that when I awake I’ll be reminded
Of the soft touch of your hand on my face and
The way your body fits with mine

Smother me in your love,
Pound on my heart like a drum
That only beats for you.
If I have a heart attack
Then I will be gasping your name

Smother me in your love,
Let me in to your heart
And I will give you mine.
Your fingerprints will mark it
Your biological sticky note that says
“Mine. Please don’t touch”

Smother me in your love,
Open my eyes to yours
The green-blue sea I stare into
Keeps me in a trace and won’t set me free
I don’t want to be set free

Smother me in your love,
Press your lips against mine
In such a way that I can feel
Every molecule of your being
Kiss me until it hurts
And then kiss me again

Smother me.