In defense of loving

The idolization of aloofness and mystery clouds our minds. We are a world in love with not being in love and obsessed with the idea of no attachments.

Fighting through the smoke, we miss the greatest gift we are given: love. I don’t mean the kind of love that happens under moonlight skies on starry nights. Nor the kind that covers a room in rose petals. That is romance. I mean love.

I mean kissing your friend goodbye or holding her hand through a rough moment. I mean picking up sushi to share to surprise someone for no reason at all. I mean driving and hour and a half just for dinner and a good conversation. This is love.

When we wade in the water only deep enough to have people to party with or have a game night with, we miss the connections that form when people open their hearts to one another. This isn’t an easy task. It’s hard to tell who has arms trustworthy enough to fall into. Everyone has fallen victim to a false friend in some way or another.

But what matters is what we do after that. Do we crumble our true selves away and no longer open our minds and souls to others in the hopes that they will not hurt us? Or do we perservere like walking on glass through the shattered pieces of our hearts, pushing on no matter how it hurts?

If you love, you will get cut. But if you don’t, you will never feel the warmth of a friend’s smile and the comforting touch of their hand. You miss the joy of doing for another just because you can. If you never choose to love, you may still be loved, but the truest form of happiness comes from giving, not receiving.

When you inevitably get battered and bruised by someone whom you’ve loved, the others will emerge and help you to your feet. Friends and loved ones will wipe off the dirt and bandage your scrapes. And all the love you have given will come back to you threefold.

Because of this, I am thankful that I have loved.

“You’re the one who is weak. You will never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.”

Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



It was all very ordinary. 
We’re all just breathing in and out if time with each other hoping that someday someone takes our breath away.

He was certain he would fall asleep next to many beautiful girls time and time again, but he was also certain that they wouldn’t be her

He told her he missed her. Her heart was preoccupied missing the place she hadn’t left yet.


Going away should be easy
After all, I don’t care much about anyone else.
I’ll have the time of my life
And blow all my money
And when I’m good and done,
I’ll come home and he’ll be waiting
for Me. because he loves Me.
Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.
Except when I go out, He never
leaves my thoughts and
When I lay in bed, on the verge of tears,
It’s because I miss his touch.
And when my friends speak to me
and interrupt my thoughts of him, I get
angry and defensive,
As if they knew he was occupying every speck of brain power
I held.
They didn’t know.
How could they?
Young fools who know nothing of true love.
I can’t hold it against them, though.
I knew nothing not to long ago.
And then He kissed me, and my days
of ignorant bliss and selfishness were over.
All I’ve wanted since that first kiss was his lips on mine. Forever.
But that sensation is still 80 days away.
And my heart continues to ache.


I am yours

I want you to write your thoughts on my body. I’ll be your journal.
Tattoo your words on my skin with stained fingertips
Carve the words I love you with your lips
Dream your dreams across my face
And when you need a break, scribble on the tops of my feet,
The bottoms are reserved for your innermost secrets that you don’t want to see the light of day.
Project your life story onto my shoulders and I will carry it as my cross to bear if only to relieve you of the burden.
My body is your canvas.
Your tongue is the pen.




Sometimes it takes
A knock down
A rejection
A twinge of pain in your cold, steal heart
To remind you that you are human and there is no denying it.




It’s a little early but…


Ya know how there’s no such thing as cold, it’s just lack of heat? Maybe there’s no such thing as hate, just lack of love.



Smother me.

Smother me in your love,
Leave traces of your scent behind
So that when I awake I’ll be reminded
Of the soft touch of your hand on my face and
The way your body fits with mine

Smother me in your love,
Pound on my heart like a drum
That only beats for you.
If I have a heart attack
Then I will be gasping your name

Smother me in your love,
Let me in to your heart
And I will give you mine.
Your fingerprints will mark it
Your biological sticky note that says
“Mine. Please don’t touch”

Smother me in your love,
Open my eyes to yours
The green-blue sea I stare into
Keeps me in a trace and won’t set me free
I don’t want to be set free

Smother me in your love,
Press your lips against mine
In such a way that I can feel
Every molecule of your being
Kiss me until it hurts
And then kiss me again

Smother me.



Flowers, Chocolate and Material Things

In my mind I am lost

Without you by my side

For one night, cares are tossed

As we go for a ride


Start the car, take it slow

Hold my hand, don’t let go

Music plays, smiles beam

Sing along, the stars gleam


How I love being here

Spending time, just us two

We’re best friends but I fear

I am falling for you


Every year, I’m alone

So let this be my gift:

Spending time as best friends

And a Valentine’s kiss.