You’ve got too much on the line

Don’t mind the man behind the pen
He’s only got what you can’t have.
Blank pages are filled
With the words of this poet,
Words of disparity and love,

The black lines dripping from your eyes
Say that I’ve missed so much more
Than you let on.
Don’t cry, baby, don’t cry
You’ve got too much on the line.

Hold back the tears with those
Bloodstained hands
And the will to fight back
If you only can.
And the love from him will slip, slip away

Into the world of politicians screaming
“We’re waiting for a change.”
And each pin-up girl stuck to the
Decrepit walls of the backstage.

Send the men to their deaths.
It’s coming soon no doubt.

Jump off the cliff into the sky,
Free fall.
But don’t cry
Baby, don’t cry.