Sometimes it takes
A knock down
A rejection
A twinge of pain in your cold, steal heart
To remind you that you are human and there is no denying it.



Poetry Pain

It’s funny
How when you’re broken inside
The best poetry comes out.
The cracks on your insides
Bleed out words
Showing the world just how injured you really are.
You become one with the emotions
That bind you together because
They’re the only things that seem to be real.
Those same emotions, that stick in your sides
Like barbed wire holding your hands to your body,
They are what is pushing your skin apart.
They make your skin crawl
And boil
And stew.
Emotion will keep you alive and human
But make your skin turn blue with sadness and
Red with anger.
And when your cheeks are wet with tears and your body is
Sore and aching from being pushed apart with emotion,
That is when you will write the best poetry of your life.



The Ballad of the Millennium

I enjoy every minute

Of every second

Of every day,


When people realize

We’re not



And love,

It hurts.

So bad you know.


For those still


You’ve got to know.


And life,

It’s a painful



But don’t forget

To stand up

And sing.


Because one day

He’ll leave



All alone.

And you’ll sit.

And bitch and moan.


Like the world


About you kid.


The fucked up fights.

The things

You did.


The life you

Gave up.

The crimes. So fucked.


And if you’re not,

The least bit



Then you aren’t

Watching what’s



In the world

We all call