Friend or Foe? – Series: Halloween Nights #13

The swirling air whispers in your ear
As if to say it loves you
As it kisses your skin goodbye.
Your feet crack the crunchy leaves
Leaving a trail of crushed corpses behind you
So that whatever wishes to follow you can.
A windy whisper turns into a ghastly whistle and
The moon shines bright through the half-naked trees.
You walk alone,
Or so you think.
You shake the idea from your head and continue on
Into the forest.
You’re meeting your friend,
Or so you think.
The chilly air nips at your ear, now aided by pricks of cold rain.
The once noisy forest floor turns slippery and your feet
Sink into the brown muck.
You’re almost to your friend,
Or so you think…



13 Nights of Halloween

Today marks the start of the 13-day countdown to Halloween.

Halloween is my favorite holiday for countless reasons (closely followed by Christmas), so I figured I’d celebrate with my followers!

Every day, I’ll be posting something spooktacular. It might be a creepy poem or a frightening story or even a post reminiscing about old Halloween costumes. You’ll have to come back and check to find out what it’s all about!

There will be a post tonight! So be on the lookout for ghouls and gremlins in your WordPress feed and email!

Leave a comment if there’s anything specific you’d like to see/read to put you in the Halloween spirit! (Get it? Spirit…like ghost? Tough crowd..)