I was going through some of my photos from Prague, and I came across this one. I remember taking it. I remember this man vividly. He walked quickly and with a purpose and seemed very closed of to the world, yet he took the time to look around the courtyard. He was just passing by. If I knew he spoke English and didn’t think it rude, I would have asked him so many questions. Where are you going? What is your life like? Are you married? Children? How long have you owned your hat, coat and briefcase. They look worn but well-cared for. It’s moments like these that I hold on to. It’s amazing how someone you don’t know and will likely never know can capture you. It’s even more amazing when you can capture that moment.



The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled Part I


The Road Less Traveled Part II


The Road Less Traveled Part III


The Road Less Traveled Part IV