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“Forego sleep when an idea strikes,” I offered as a writing tip in my opinion writing class a few weeks ago.


It should have been, “If you can’t sleep, write.” ‘Cause that’s what I’m doing right now.

And since I read this article a few days ago, I know I’m simply screwing my brain over by not sleeping right now. So that feels good. Those imaginary garbage men are getting some time off after working overtime to clean out the toxins I accumulated this past weekend.

I’m up because my heart won’t stop racing. I had this same problem when I was younger. My mom would tell me to clear my head and stop thinking so much, but I never could.

Tonight I’ve been overanalyzing relationships I’ve had and imagining new ones.

The unknown scares me, but each day I plunge deeper and deeper into it.

I wish I…

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